Last Day of Shooting!

It felt like Max and Me and this little world we had created would never end. But the last day of shooting did arrive. The day felt pretty surreal. There were tarot cards and stories about days on the film being passed around. Max picture-wrapped pretty early on, so Geordie was the only character left to shoot in the film. Lily was a little sad to say goodbye to her character Max.[...]

Shooting- Day 14

Day 14 - As things were getting close to the end of shooting, the crew was getting more weird... And having more laughs! Matthew who plays Geordie suddenly took over the AC role for a moment and the likeness between him and Jonas (our actual AC) was uncanny! Kaylie Moore our script supervisor was found taking studious notes in a corner on the ground. It was all a little strange.[...]

Shooting – Day 13

Day 13 - This was Willow Geer's last day on the film.  She plays Max's grieving mother. This is a tough role emotionally, and Willow really brought her all every day she was on set. We used a set that we had used mostly in the beginning of shooting, so it was a little strange, but also nice to revisit it. Above, Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe team hang around this set, waiting to be called fo[...]

Shooting – Day 12

Day 12  - It was nice to be back at the stages, even though it was a little bit sad to think we wouldn't be filming on location again, exploring new territory. Geordie's Moms were back! Tia Matza and Melissa Ponzio are both very talented actresses who bring a lot of energy to set. Melissa and Tia had some fun scenes together where they got to play off of each other. Then later Melissa had[...]

Shooting – Day 11

Our last day on location! Henry the dog was a star yet again and we filmed a few scenes on a playground. The filming setup was pretty neat! Our DP Seth and Director Claire film Max and Geordie having a long talk on the swings. The film's key hair stylist, Morgan Ferrando, fixes Lily's hair between takes. At night, we turned the Topanga Community House into a  karaoke bar! (S[...]

Shooting – Day 10

Day 10 - We shot on location for two days at the Community House in gorgeous Topanga! This was our first day at that location. And the last day of shooting ever for a few of our actors in the film, which is always a little sad. Madison Mae and Kiana Taylor get their hair done for their last day on Max and Me:  We shot many exterior school scenes here. (photo credit: Kaylee[...]

Shooting – Day 9

Day 9 - Happy Halloween! Our cast and crew came dressed up for Halloween in all kinds of wonderful costumes. Here are some of them below: Geordie and Max? Or Spiderman and a cool cat? Claire Andrew or Seth Fuller? This is the way we do Halloween on a film set... Girls in the onesies: Meghan Owen (from Wardrobe Department) and Lily Andrew. Looks like Matthew had a prett[...]

Shooting – Day 8

Day 8 - We had a very chilly start to our on location set day at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park. Fog hung over us and the mood was very spooky, just in time for Halloween! In the morning, we shot some scenes in a moving car, which was a first on the film. In the afternoon, we celebrated the 17th birthday of our lead, Matthew White, with pizza and ghost cupcakes! Beauty[...]

Shooting – Day 7

Day 7 was beach day! We filmed at Leo Carrillo State Beach and it was such a beautiful and soothing place to work. We had almost the whole place to ourselves! In the morning, we shot a fun and light yoga scene with Tia Matza, who plays one of Geordie's moms. Seth Fuller, our DP, worked especially hard to get the right shots throughout the day - walking into the ocean and along rocky terrai[...]

Shooting – Day 6

Day 6 - yet another day at school The scenes shot on day 6 were a mix of emotional and comedic. The cast and crew worked very hard, but also had fun spending time with each other and becoming even better friends! Below, Molly Davis gets ready for her scene as an art student named Violet. Shoutout to our wonderful makeup and hair team who are always on set to touch our actors up[...]