Matthew Erick White – “Geordie”

Matthew Erick White has acted in short films and is now embarking on his first feature film starring as Geordie in Max and Me.

From the first audition, Matthew brought Geordie off the page exactly how the writer Claire Bryett Andrew envisioned him.  We knew instantly we had found the right actor to bring him to life. 

Geordie is the awkward new kid at school who falls in love with the girl next door.  But he soon finds out that she died the year before from cystic fibrosis and he has fallen in love…with a ghost.

We are so excited to have Matthew bring the character of Geordie to life.


Instagram – @MatthewErickWhite


Lily Bleu Andrew – “Max Fairchild”


Lily Bleu Andrew had her first role at 6 months old in Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion, and has been performing non stop ever since, whether as the muse for her older sister in their short films, or performing at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, to producing her own plays, and acting on television.  Some recent work includes Fox’s Speechless, and MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Instagram – @LilyBleuAndrew


Mathew Odette – “Finn”

Mathew Odette has acted in many short films as well as TV, and we are so thrilled to have him be playing Geordie’s best friend, the dorky and lovable “Finn”.  Finn is the nerdy kid in school, but his self confidence gets him through  unscathed by the bullies who torment him.  And like so many helpless romantic teens, he is on the hunt for true love…


Grant Anstine – “Zeke”

We are thrilled to have the talented Grant Anstine bringing the complicated and flawed character of Zeke to life.  Zeke is the leader of the bully gang at school. Get’s into fights, and writes anti gay slurs on lockers.



Melissa Ponzio – “Melissa”

Melissa Ponzio has had an impressive career working on The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Chicago Fire, and we are so excited to have her playing the role of “Melissa”, one of Geordie’s moms, in Max and Me.

Character Breakdown – Melissa (Geordie’s Mom)

Works with an organization that goes into rural poverty stricken towns to teach birth education and sex ed, to help lower maternal death rates, which is why their family has moved around so much.  Most comfortable wearing pant suits and her activist t-shirts, and is a straight forward no-nonsense person, raising a strong son.

Instagram – @Melissa Ponzio1

Twitter – @MelissaPonzio1

Website –



Tia Matza – “Tia”

Tia Matza is a true artistic spirit and professional actor, who has been working for over 20 years on countless commercials, television (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, VIP), and films (Jackpot), as well as pursuing areal arts, health, and raising her family.

“I choose to embrace all art forms that speak to me, it’s one of the joy’s of being a human.  My hope is to inspire others, especially women, to embrace their gifts in the shadows and light of life’s journey”.

Character Breakdown – Tia (Geordie’s Mom)

Free spirited, eco friendly, vegan, spiritual.  Always wearing yoga clothes and flowy dresses collected from their travels around the world.  She teaches yoga and reiki, and is a super loving mom to Geordie, and wife to Kate.

Instagram – @TiaMatza + @TheFitMystic


Willow Geer – “Willow”

Willow Geer comes from a family of thespians including her grandfather Will Geer who played Grandpa in The Waltons.  She has had an impressive career working in television and film, doing voice over work, and theater productions at her family’s theater The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California.

A few of her recent projects include Jane the Virgin, Shameless, and Fresh Off The Boat.   We are so thrilled to have her play Max’s mom “Willow”, in Max and Me.

Character Breakdown – Willow (Max’s Mom)

She has been through so much with her daughter’s health journey, and is extremely kind yet broken hearted.  She senses her daughter, but thinks she must be crazy.  Before Max died she made promises to her that she hasn’t been able to keep, because it would mean facing the fact that she is really gone.


Madison Mae – “Judy”

Madison Mae (Speechless, Fresh Off The Boat) will be playing “Judy”.  The sweet popular girl, who everyone likes.  We are so glad to have Madison join our cast.  


Instagram – @RealMadisonMae


Kiana Taylor – “Mary”


Elvira Troger – “Phoebe”

Thrilled to have the talented and beautiful Elvira Troger bring the free spirited character of Phoebe to life!

Molly Davis – “Violet”

Molly has been performing in theater and dance since she was young and studied film production at Sarah Lawrence College.  She has worked as a PA on television sets learning the ropes and what it takes to make TV and film.  She has worked on many short films, and after reading the script for “Max and Me”, is so excited to be working on this new feature length film.

“What really drew me to this film, besides of course getting to work with Claire and Lily, is I LOVE the script!  I love how it’s a coming of age story that deals with a lot of very real issues that teens face, like bullying, young love, sexuality, living with illnesses, and facing grief, all tied together in a heartfelt way.  I’m really excited to make this film, and bring Max and Me to life”.


Matthew McFate – “Dax”

Matthew McFate is an Actor, Singer-Songwriter, and model based in Los Angeles, California. After growing up in the world of theatre, he knew performing was his true love. So, he made the move to the West Coast to pursue a career in Entertainment, specifically Film & Television, and Music. While his list of roles onstage is extensive, he’s excited to have been offered the chance to start building his list of roles on-screen, by brining the role of “Dax” to life. Aside from acting, he is also an up-and-coming singer, having just released his first two singles, Permission & Out of My Mind. And, he can also be seen in the first original Snapchat series, Endless Summer, that premiered October 10th.

Instagram – @MatthewMcFate


Austin Bugarin – “Jack”

Instagram – @ItsAustiiin310


Jeff Wiesen – “Sam”

Jeff Wiesen originally hails from the San Francisco Bay Area where he began acting professionally at the age of 14.  Since then he has appeared in commercials, tv and film and he is a company member at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, where he appeared as Hamlet, among countless other roles.  

Recently he appeared in the feature film Traffik and he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and 2 year old daughter Natalie.

We are thrilled to have him playing “Sam” – Max’s grieving and kind father.


Jane Marla Robbins – “Ms. Marigold”

Joining our cast is Jane Marla Robbins playing our eccentric and enthusiastic English teacher at our High School.  Robbins has had an impressive career in the television and film world since the 60’s, including all the Rocky films.  She is a true renaissance woman, and balances her acting work with writing poetry and producing plays.



Will Westwater – “Mr. M”

Excited to have Will Westwater portraying our young, handsome and enthusiastic math teacher at the High school.  Even if you hate math you will love his class.  He wears his cuffs rolled up on his button down shirts, revealing tattoos, and is super passionate about math and helping his students learn. 



Joyce Sindel – “Madam Coco”

Joyce Sindel joins our cast as the eccentric, colorful psychic medium.  She has oracle cards, crystals, the whole shebang. She is caring and shares her insight when Geordie needs help.




Chelsea Edmundson – Coach Dudy

Chelsea Edmundson is from a small town in Missouri called Poplar Bluff, which is where she grew up daydreaming about being in the movie business.  She has been working steadily  in the film industry for nearly a decade.   

Instagram – @Chelsea.Edmundson